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MS Smartphone C# Bluetooth device logger and auto-Bluejacker.

OBEX test
Test of sending files and contacts over bluetooth in C#

BT Timesheet
Automatic timesheets by monitoring the presence of your bluetooth device.

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BTTimesheet (BlueTooth Timesheet)

last updated 26/05/05



This program detects a specified device and logs it's presence, then creates reports that can be used for simple non-categorised timesheets.

Current features
Automatically logging presence of 1 selected bluetooth device
Providing simple Out - In reports for the selected week
Improved situation of loss of conectivity with database (e.g PC in sleep mode)

Providing verifiable presence information

Future enhancements
Minimising to tray and no-close prompt
Monitor multiple devices from multiple locations on same database for multi-employee timesheets





v0.2a 26/06/05 - SG When installing on a new machine the registry settings are never saved causing BTTimesheet not to work. Fixed
v0.2 22/05/05 - SG Reliability and accuracy updates for when database is unavailable
v0.1 08/05/05 - Initial Release



After installing, the database and connection string need setting up. I use SQL server 2000 but MSDE and even possibly acess would also work ok, with a database called BTTimesheet and a table called BTTimesheetLog, this can be created by using this SQL script:

Then change the connection string to point to your SQL server, by default it is set to localhost.

Set your device to discoverable, click discover, select the device in the drop down and click Monitor Selected Device.

The program will try to open a socket connection to the OBEX server on the bluetooth device every 15 seconds, so you must enable "beaming" or reception of contacts/files, but you do not need your device to be discoverable, bluetooth can just be set to "on". Upon failure it will try 5 times before actually recording your device as away.

If all is well it will now start filling up the log presence changes, which can be viewed in realtime on the Timesheet tab. Only those weeks that have information recorded will be shown.



BTTimesheet.msi (790k)