Touch enabled e-paper for Dell XT Tablet PC.

MS Smartphone C# Bluetooth device logger and auto-Bluejacker.

OBEX test
Test of sending files and contacts over bluetooth in C#

BT Timesheet
Automatic timesheets by monitoring the presence of your bluetooth device.

WSUS EULA Auto Approve
Script that auto approves EULAs for updates download by WSUS.

SUS Auto Approve
Script that auto approves updates download by SUS.


OBEX over Bluetooth

last updated 12/02/05



This is a rough and ready piece of test-ware for sending contacts and files by bluetooth to my phone using c# on .Net and's OPENNETCF.Net.Bluetooth library.

Note: The obex code here is now redundant as a much better fully featured version is written by opennetcf:




  Either load the source up in visual studio and compile (it will want the pocket PC emulator, but the form runs on the Desktop)

or go to the debug directory and run obextest.exe



OBEX Test - Download (5Mb)