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Auto Approve Update EULAs on schedule
for MS WSUS Server (Beta)

last updated 19/06/05



This script will:

  • Automatically approve the EULAs and associated updates using them.
  • Send you an email listing the newly approved EULAs and updates

The release version of WSUS forces the requirement that EULAs must be manually approved, which means that a WSUS server that replaces a SUS server using the automatic approval script will not approve all updates by itself until an administrator approves the EULAs. not exactly a "hands off" experience!



(Right click and select save target as)

Autoapproveupdates.vbs [v0.1a] (beta)



v0.1 11/06/05 - Steven Gill (gillsr at iee dot org)



After downloading the vbs file, place it on your WSUS server (I usually use c:\)

If you already use autoapproveupdates.vbs for SUS and have upgraded to WSUS, then just replace the file with this new one.

You have the option of using Jmail or the windows CDOnts mail components, by default it uses JMail since I find this more reliable but you have to install Jmail (free from on your sus server.

Note, RE: Service Packs in the previous script service packs could be stopped from being approved in the script. The best way of doing this in WSUS is not set the auto approval options in to not detect and install service packs.

Set the script options by opening autoapproveupdates.vbs in notepad and edit the setup configuration section

usejmail = true '' If false will use CDonts

EmailDstName = ""
EmailReplyToName = ""
EmailSrvName = ""

WSUS_Con_STRING = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Initial Catalog=SUSDB;Data Source=<YOURSERVERNAME>\WSUS;Integrated Security=SSPI;Persist Security Info=False"

Change the email fields with relevant addresses for your organization, you have to run the script on the same machine as the WSUS server since by default the "MSDE" SQL server is not accessible over the network and change <YOURSERVERNAME> to the netbios name of your server . If you have installed WSUS on a machine with your own SQL server you must change the "<YOURSERVERNAME>\WSUS" to the name and instance of the SQL server with the SUSDB database.

Set the scheduled task: (not required for old script users)

Then set up a scheduled task on the server (control panel>scheduled tasks), right click and select add new task (rather than using the wizard) give it a sensible name such as "Approve WSUS Updates" then edit the task.

Set the run box to the command line: "cscript c:\autoapproveupdates.vbs"

Leave the "start in" folder blank, but set the run as account an administrator account that has access to the SQL server WSUS database and the password is unlikely to change, you could set up a service account just for this purpose if you wanted or use the local administrator account.

Set the schedule to run say an hour or two (depending on your connection speed) after your WSUS server is set to download updates.

Just to make sure the script should run ok, open a command prompt and then type "cscript c:\autoapproveupdates.vbs", and check for any error messages, if you see any the schedule will probably not work either, just check paths and permissions, these are the most likely causes of errors.